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Please find below links to services and other sites we are involved with and may be of use or interest.

Wolf Partnership:  Gardens and Landscapes.  Garden design, build and maintenance.  From courtyards and front gardens, to internationally recognised gardens open to the public.  www.gardendesignandlandscaping.co.uk

Andy & Williams Botanical Garden, Joyful Honda, Nitta, Japan. Five acre botanical garden designed and implimented by William Wolf and Andy McClure.  Now recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society of Japan as one of the country's leading examples of European gardening.  www.joyfulhonda.com/garden/botanic/index

Hope and Homes for Children:  Reg Charity No: 1089490  We donate all logs to this charity, shich provides homes, a family and a future for orphans and abandoned children in Europe and Africa.  www.hopeandhomes.org

Arboricultural Association: Authority for arboricultural good practice, the   delivery professional standards and guidance to industry and others, facilitating the responsible and competant management of trees.  We are members.  www.trees.org.uk

International Society of Arboriculture: Promoting professional  arboricultural practice and the benefits of trees. We are members.  www.isa-arbour.com

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