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Conservation and Habitat Management

Conservation and Habitat Management

William Wolf carries out practical conservation and habitat management services, working with owners, land agents, landscape architects, local authorities and ecologists to improve bio diversity and conserve the natural environment.

We understand the importance of carrying out projects at the right time with regard to managemant objectives, species and seasonal constraints.  We are experienced in providing cost effective and appropriate solutions for each site and situation.

Our work is carried out to a high standard and includes:

Tree and woodland management - veteran tree management, thinning, low impact forestry, planting.

Vegetation management / clearance - hedge cutting, bank mowing, grass cutting, scrub and bramble control, bracken control, invasive weed control.

Habitat creation / landscaping - Woodland planting, hedge planting, wildflower planting and seeding, meadow seeding. 

Fencing - wildlife fencing, agricultural fencing.

Ecological mitigation - Bird and bat boxes, badger fencing, gates and artificial set construction, reptile fencing, amphibian fencing.

Ecological services - wildlife and ecological surveys using experienced and licenced ecologists, ecological watching brief.




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