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Hedge Renovation and Management

Hedge Renovation and Management

Clipped Yew

A well formed hedge is a real asset. Hedges define boundaries, give shelter, provide screening and are useful as wildlife corridors. They  provide the architectural backdrop for gardens.   

William Wolf Tree Surgery has extensive experience in hedge trimming and maintainance.  We provide annual, or  twice yearly trimming dependant on species and are able to advise on timing and frequency.

We have the skills and equipment to maintain the finest topiary, to the tallest of  hedges.  We regularly renovate overgrown hedges, reforming them back to a managable size.

Hedges are a long term feature, we are able to advise on selection dependant on soil type, aspect and purpose. We can supply an extensive variety of quality trees and shrubs as part of our planting service. To aid establishment we can provide watering systems, compost, slow release fertilisers and support systems.

Pleached hedges and espaliered screens are attractive features, and can be an imaginative solution for a screen, we have extensive experience of designing, planting and maintaining these more unusual hedges.

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