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Tree Felling

Tree Felling

Crane dismantling

At William Wolf Tree Surgery we have the training and importantly the experince to safely fell or dismantle trees.  Each situation is unique, we assess the trees and situation to determine the best method of felling and plan a safe method of work.

Methods of tree felling we use:

Directional Felling - accurately fells the tree in the chosen direction, used in woodland and forestry situations, larger gardens and open spaces.

Section Felling - cutting the tree down in small sections, used in confined spaces.

Dismantling using rigging and ropes - cutting the tree down in small sections, redirected and gently lowered to the ground using ropes, used where there are obstructions under the tree such as fences or buildings or where no ground impact is required due to underground services.

Dismantling using cranes or mobile platforms - used where access is possible often on hazardous trees.

Felling Licences may be required from the forestry commission for felling trees outside domestic gardens.

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