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Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Tree pruning

Tree pruning is carried out for many reasons such as health, safety, light, proximity to buildings and roads. Our experience and understanding of tree health and response to pruning allows us advise on the best pruning solutions. 

William Wolf Tree Surgery carries out regular tree maintainance for councils, schools, trusts, housing associations, commercial and individual clients who value our commitment to tree care. We use modern arboricultural tecniques allied with our experience to provide solutions and promote long term tree health.

Main Tree pruning operations:

Formative pruning - pruning newly planted and young trees to form a good long term branch structure.

Deadwooding - removing major deadwood from the tree crown.

Crown cleaning - removing smaller weak (epicormic) shoots, overcrowded, dead, broken and low vigour branches from the main crown.

Crown thinning - the selective removal of a proportion of branches from within the crown to reduce the overall density of the tree canopy, this reduces weight on heavy limbs and allows more light penetration and air circulation through the crown.  The general outline of the tree will remain the same. 

Crown lifting - removal of lower branches to give improved clearance under the canopy of the tree.

Crown reduction - reducing the overall size of the tree by careful pruning back into lateral branches whilst maintaining the shape of the tree. 

Pollarding - pruning back branches to the same point (pollard head) on a regular basis, often seen on older street trees and riverside willows. This practice needs to begin early in a tree's life.

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