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Tree Reports

Tree Reports

Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus deodara)

We provide tree reports tailored to your requirements. The main types of tree reports are:

Tree condition report - a detailed assesment on the health and condition of the tree with recomendations for management.  Often used for old and veteran tree management.

Tree report for morgage / insurance purposes - this evaluates the trees hazard potential, its future growth potential,  the potential for direct damage due to tree and branch failure and root activity and the potential for subsistence related damage.

Tree report for planning (BS 5837) - documents tree situation, size, condition long term potential and root protection area following British Standards guidelines.  Tree hazards and amenity value are identified. The report assists informed design and development decisions taking into account tree constraints.

Climbing inspection - a detailed report on the health and condition of the tree by climbing.  This allows a closer inspection of tree condition that is not possible from a ground level survey.  Usefull in larger trees, may follow on from a ground level survey where close inspection is required.

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