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Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys

Ariel View of Woodland

Tree surveys are an important part of tree management, William Wolf Tree Surgery can undertake tree surveys efficiently and cost effectivly carried out by experienced and qualified arboriculturalists. 

Surveys can be tailored to you requirements, these are the principal types of survey we undertake:

Basic Tree Hazard Survey - visual inspection of tree stock identifying potential hazards.

Health and Safety Tree Survey - visual inspection identifying all trees and recording basic information on size, age, condition and defects.  A good starting point for ongoing management.  Remedial work can be prioritised, records can be updated.

Tree Survey for Planning - survey relating to British Standard 5837 Trees in Relation to Construction.  Essential in the design and planning process for construction and development near trees.

As part of tree surveying we can undertake climbing inspection and specialist decay detection  where more detailed investigation is required.

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